Five Communication Strategies to Stop Using and What to Do Instead

There are many communication strategies used in common, everyday communication that don’t translate well to leadership communication. In this episode, I’m looking at five commonly used communication strategies that I recommend leaders replace with more effective alternatives. Additional Leadership Resources Take our free DISC Assessment. Download our free report, The First 7 Things to Do […]

How to Ask Questions Without Backing People into a Corner

While I recommend that leaders develop the skill of asking good questions, I also recognize that questions can be perceived as attacking or interrogating rather than inquiring. In this episode, I’ll share some thoughts about how to ask questions that come across more inquiring and less interrogating and critical. Additional Leadership Resources Take our free […]

The DISC Model is a Good Enough Model Not a Perfect One

I frequently get questions about why and how I use the DISC model. One of the questions is: “Is the DISC Model the best model for working with people?” In many cases, my answer is some version of: “It depends.” In this episode, I’ll address what it depends upon. I’ll also give you two questions […]